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A Modular Approach

By Dermot Tynan, 6 months ago.

I originally planned to build a lot of the electrical systems inside the hull, and mount the control electronics on a platform which would connect to the various systems. I quickly learnt that this wasn't going to survive contact with the Real World. I needed something more modular, something more watertight.

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Plumbers Have Dripping Taps.

By Dermot Tynan, 7 months ago.

It's a little bit of a cliche, I admit, and I'm sure a lot of plumbers would object to the stereotype. But I can tell you it's true of network people. We end up with elaborate network configurations in our houses, which are never finished. VLANs for guests, VLANs for servers, multiple WiFi networks, firewalls, and so on. All just a few configuration steps away from perfection! I discovered that this is also true of robotic sailboats.

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By Dermot Tynan, 7 months ago.

It's taken an incredibly long time, but Hull #2 is on the verge of being ready for some layers of chopped-strand mat and woven roving. The image above is of the inverted hull, still attached to the strongback. Some layers of thin balsa over ten or eleven stations, and then coated with West Systems filler and epoxy, and faired to a reasonably smooth surface.