About Kalopa Robotics

Kalopa Robotics Limited was founded to investigate the software, hardware and hull design of autonomous sailboats. We are currently building a two metre (2m LOA) sailboat to compete in the Microtransat autonomous sailboat race.

The Main Mission

The main objective for Beoga Beag is to cross the Atlantic, from Ireland to Antigua, without any outside assistance. This is the definition of the Microtransat. Autonomously. The boat must be programmed for every eventuality and be able to navigate by itself from start to finish. It must report its position several times a day, and cannot accept inbound communications.

You can find the rules on the Microtransat web site, here.

However, before we can attempt that particular mission, we have a variety of smaller challenges.

We will add the details of those challenges to this page, once we've had a chance to update the mission requirements.

The Team

Dermot Tynan is a software engineer and a sailor. He has sailed lots of different dinghy types, and is a senior sailing instructor with over 5,000 nautical miles of mostly offshore sailing. He has over thirty years of professional experience in the software industry, working for companies in Silicon Valley, as well as the UK and Ireland. He currently works for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, but not on robotic sailboats.

More about the others, later on...

The Technology

Kalopa Robotics vessels uses a wide range of open source software and components to operate effectively.

You can find all of the code we have released for our vessels on GitHub. As the race is a competitive event, we will time-delay the release of each of the components. Also, we would like to see them working properly before we push them to github!

  • FreeBSD is a Unix Operating System used by Mother.
  • Ruby, a high-level programming language.
  • Redis is a NoSQL database used for storing mission data.
  • AVR GCC is a C compiler and development environment for the Atmel AVR chip.
  • AVR Dude AVR programming software.
  • USBTiny Programmer to program the boards

This page lists as many of the technologies as we can remember. We'll keep adding to the list as more pieces are added, or we remember stuff we hadn't mentioned.

Current Missions